Overview - The Fourth Seal

How by combining religious, political and demonic power, Rome will control the coming New World Order. Her destruction.

Unabridged text of "The Fourth Seal"

Seals 294:4-296:3 "an eagle ... this living creature ... And he said, "Come and see the fourth mystery ... that's been hidden in this Book..." and he saw a pale horse and again the same rider ... Now, he has a name called Death ... anything that's anti, that's against the real, has to be death because there's only two subjects - that's life and death. And that proves that the Holy Spirit's revelation ... in this day is exactly the Truth. The anti — he's death because the Word ... is Life. And this man is called Death.

... under the revelation of the lion age ... this wasn't revealed. The next age was the age of the ox, which is the Dark Age, the Middle Age. It wasn't revealed ... Nor, the man-like beast of wisdom, representing the reformers, Luther and Wesley and so forth — it wasn't revealed.

But in the eagle age, the last age, the prophetic age where there is to rise prophetic utterance, see, to whom the secrets always come..."

300:2-6 "that eagle age was promised in Revelation 10:7 and in Malachi 4 ... in the last days"

... this fellow ... on a pale horse ... personified ... and called Death ... put 68,000,000 to the sword and killed, and probably literally billions died spiritually on his false teaching. No wonder he could take the name of Death ... Antichrist was Satan in the form of a man."

301:3-6 "The fourth stage of his ministry, he's called the Beast ... these other three ... all mixed ... actually the three in one ... pale horse, Satan being kicked out of Heaven. Then in Revelation 13:1-8, he is incarnate in the person of the Beast."

307:4 "A horse is a beast that represents a power. His power is all mixed up ... It's politics; it's national powers; it's religious powers; it's demon powers; it's all kinds of powers mixed together

308:3 "He had ... three jurisdictions: the earth, heaven and purgatory. He is himself a trinity. That's what he's made up of, and he rides in a trinity. His power is in a trinity. His crown is in a trinity. His horse is in a trinity."

311:2-313:4 "this antichrist, himself, being the man, his bride, which is his church, was given a space to repent ... Thyatira. [Revelation 2:18-23.] ... she refused to accept it ... now she's got a name called "Death" - separation. God said, "I will even take her children, the Protestants, and everyone of them I will kill with eternal separation."

... See how the church ages blend in with the Seals just perfect ... The Holy Spirit makes no mistakes.

He's give the Protestant church the same thing, and she won't do it! These Messages shook everywhere ... He give Egypt place to repent. What was that last plague? — was death. That's the last plague that's hit the Pentecostal church. It's spiritual death; she's dead! That's in the Name of the Lord ... She will never rise again!

And them people out there trying to bring in Episcopalians and priests and so forth, and calling them "Holy Father So-and-so." Why they ought to be ashamed of themselves! How blind can man get? Don't Jesus say when that sleeping virgin come to buy oil, she did not get it?"

314:6 "her rejection makes a perfect way for Satan to come into her and ... incarnate himself ... and that's exactly the same thing that the Protestant church becomes a harlot... and that gives the devil a place to come right in and incarnate himself, and he will make an image unto the Beast when they can consolidate together."

316:7-8 "They finally form up in the image unto the Beast, another power ... and act to the Lamb's Bride like she did in Revelation 13:14 ... just persecute.

He will kill her children, the denominations, her daughters, with spiritual death. (Now, that's Revelation 2:22). To kill is to put to death, and death is eternal separation from the presence of God ... Think of that! Don't you trust in any man-made creeds. Anything that's contrary to the Word, you keep away from it."

318:5-8 "Now, the battle started in Heaven. It will be finished on earth in the form of Armageddon.

The mysterious rider ... refused to repent and to go back to the original blood Word ... Is antichrist ... seeing the holy Bride, he is against her, but he forms his own bride called anti-Christ by anti- Christ teaching, which is contrary to Christ; (see how shrewd he is) and now, instead of having a unity of love controlling worship under Blood, he's got a denomination. Instead of having the Word, he took creeds, dogmas, and ... Apostles' Creed."

321:3-4 "... gather them on their mixed colored horses ... mixed with creeds, denominations, man-made doctrines. No holy blood of the Word at all ... Gathers them to Armageddon ... to the great day of the battle of the Lord"

322:1-324:1 "Did not Daniel interpret the dream and seen that streak of iron running to every kingdom — of Rome? ... bringing his subjects from the four corners of the earth, riding a pale, sickly, three colored mixed horse — same man.

Revelation 19, not only is he getting ready, but Christ is getting ready to meet him. The battle is going to be hot and heavy ... Christ is gathering His - not from the four corners of the earth, because there's going to be a little bitty remnant ... He's gathering them from the four corners of Heaven on a snow-white horse. He also has a name — not Death, but The Word of God, Life.

Those with Him are on white horses, also ... Called, chosen before the foundation of the world, and then faithful to the Word by their choosing, all stimulated with new wine and oil just riding right along, coming down to meet Him. They know the thunders will issue the thing forth pretty soon...

So if He is the Word, and His Name is the Word, then the Word is Life! ... anti is against the Christ, the Word, so it's got to be a creed or a denomination which is against the Word.

Here we see Life and Death coming to their final struggle. The white horse of true Life, the pale horse of mixed creed.

Christ is on a solid white unadulterated Word from the beginning. Every color would be white if some chemistry hadn't broke into it. ... Every church would be standing on the apostolic doctrine of the Word of God and God confirming it if he didn't have creeds and denominations mixed into it.

His saints are clothed in white robes, not mixed with denominations and creeds. ... this is the original color He's riding. The original color is on His people, and they've been dipped in blood that cleansed that garment"

Those that mixed turned pale and go to death. It is a perversion to mix colors with white ... If He is the white horse, and He is the Word, then to mix anything with that — any kind of a creed, add one word to it, take one word away from it — is to pervert the whole thing."

325:1 "Here comes Satan with all four corners of the earth with his Protestants and with his Catholics and all together, marching right up to the battle of Armageddon ... And here comes Jesus coming down from Heaven with resurrected saints — vindicated Word."

330:2 "Revelation 10 ... the Seventh Angel's Message will be a person in this last day, anointed of God for a ministry, just like Elijah the prophet had (as is predicted in Malachi 4) to reveal ... the original Word of God in this generation. Like he did to the natural Jezebel"

326:5 "Jezebel is the type of the modern church today because Catholic and Protestants are joined together now ... it's just mother and sister... notice, killed by a command of God ... and the dogs eat her flesh. Ahab, her king head — dogs licked his blood, as the first Elijah predicted."

327:3-4 "Revelation 19 after the Word slays them. He feeds them to the beasts and birds ... "Killed with the sword and death and beast of the earth" ... The Jezebel church ... is to be eaten by fowls and beasts of the earth. Just exactly like Ahab and Jezebel was in the natural, so are they to be in the spiritual form — the church." se06indx.htm

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