Overview - The Fifth Seal

Salvation of the Hebrews martyred for the Orthodox Mosaic Faith from Calvary to the close of the Gentile dispensation.

Unabridged text of "The Fifth Seal"

Seals 343:9 - 345:4 "when we get to the Fifth Seal ... There's no living creature.

... one of them was a lion; and the other one was an ox; and the other one was a man; and the other one was an eagle. We find out in the Church Ages that those four beasts, meaning four powers, was gathered around the Acts of the Apostles just the way ... in the wilderness..."

344:3 "they was a-guarding the ark — the covenant ... and taken that same nature and bringing it to each one of those four Gospels ... the protection of the Holy Spirit ... Matthew ... represented a lion."

345:3-4 "after the Fourth Seal, there's no announcement by any beast power from Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Seal ... the mystery of the Church Ages are already finished at this time. The mystery of the antichrist is revealed at this time. The antichrist took his last ride ... all the way into perdition."

349:4 "as the antichrist went forth on his beast of ministry, God sent forth a beast ... to announce His combat to it ... "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises a standard against it."

358:3-4 "the last power ... the eagle to restore the children back to the original faith again of the fathers ... That's the end ... Revelation 10:1-7 [Malachi 4:L5-6]."

361:7-362:1 "this Fifth Seal being opened ... the Church is gone ... the souls of the righteous martyred ... the Bride ... wouldn't be under the altar. They would be in Glory ... gone in the Rapture ...

This is Israel that's to be saved as a nation ..."

364:3-366:3 "the martyrs of the church — was for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ... but these didn't have the testimony of Jesus Christ" ... "for the Word of God and for the testimony which they held" — as Jews. And Hitler hated them, so did Eichmann, so did Stalin, all of the rest of the world ... they were Jews, and had the Law, and the Law was the Word of God. They stayed right by it ... And for the testimony they held, they were martyred ...

They had in their blindness martyred their Messiah, and now they were reaping for it ... They recognized after it was gone ... when they come before the altar of God ... they could ... by no means, be saints, because they would already be robed..."

368:7-369:1 "And white robes were given to every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest a little season, until their fellowservants (... The prophets now are preaching to Israel, see)... til thy fellowservants and (also) thy brethren ... (see, the ones predestinated ... should be killed) ... as they were, should be fulfilled. ... which means the 144,000 yet to be called in the tribulation ... martyred by the antichrist ... where he breaks that covenant with them Jews ... these two witnesses of Revelation 11 ... prophesy in the time of Daniel's second half of the seventy week ... the last three and one half year."

370:1 "... the kingdom of the Jews will be preached by these two prophets... The kingdom of Heaven is preached to the Gentiles. The kingdom here on the earth is to be set up in the Millennium ... to the Jews."

375:4-5 "Elijah was a prophet to all nations, but Moses was a law giver to the Jews only ... the reason he come with Elijah...

Jews saying, "Wait, we still keep the Law here." But here stands Moses himself, and here is Elijah standing with him."

376:5 "By His grace, He also let me see my people not long ago in white robes. ... the Gentile Bride. They are there now."

385:2-3 "If John looked over there, and them was his brethren, see, his brethren that had to suffer a little, then see, the Lord God permitted me to see my brethren and the saints that were waiting for the coming of the Lord.

... they were not under the altar of sacrifice. Mine wasn't; but these was. They were martyrs, see. Mine wasn't under the martyrs' altar ... the Bride ... had received white robes by accepting the pardoning grace of the Living Word."

387:2 "the Bible teaches that we are now begotten of God ... that in us is Christ - a son of God being formed in us ... If this earthly tabernacle is dropped, there is another body to receive it. This mortal body puts on immortality. This terrestial puts on celestial ... There is a natural body that's sinful; but in it's making just like it, is another body that we go to. And I am so grateful to God that I can say as your pastor and brother, I seen those people, so help me, in that body, and handled them with my hands." se07indx.htm

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