Giant Humans and Dinosaurs

This petrified finger found in cretaceous limestone, belonged to a "prehistoric" human. Broken short of the middle joint, it measures 7.6 cm (3 inches). At full length it would measure about 15 cm (6 inches). In the photo, it is compared to a regular full-length finger. Excavations of this limestone has also revealed a child's tooth and human hair.

Sectioning reveals the typical porous bone structure expected in a human finger. Cat-scan and MRI identified joints and traced tendons throughout the length of the fossil.

Cat-scan shows dark areas interpreted as the interior of bones and marrow. Areas less dense than surrounding stones, easily pass X-rays, causing darkening of the image. Black area is caused by sectioning.

This dinosaur footprint in cretaceous limestone on the banks of the Paluxy River is approximately 30 cm (one foot) across, and located with similar tracks. Early excavations in this area revealed human footprints inside the dinosaur tracks leading to rumors that the human prints had claws–later excavations uncovered human footprints up to 64 cm long (25 inches) next to the dinosaur prints—this discounted the doubters. A human handprint was also found. This confirms that dinosaurs occupied the arbitrary and spurious "cretaceous" period of geological history. Human prints contemporary with dinosaurs contradict modern evolution theories because mankind was not to evolve for another 75 to 100 million years.

This 140-pound stone was recovered in July 2000 from the bank of a creek that feeds the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, 53 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas. The impressions show the dinosaur passed along the track after the human, indicating man and dinosaur co-existed. The fossil may be viewed in Dr. Carl Baugh's Creation Evidence Museum. This giant footprint contemporary with dinosaurs was also found in Dinosaur Park at Glen Rose. Pictured with my foot, it exceeds 45 cm (18 inches) in length. The cross-sectional cuts determined by compression studies that it was a woman's footprint. Estimates indicate her stature approximately 305 cm (10 feet) and 454 kg (1,000 lbs). Several strata of human prints with dinosaur prints have been excavated in this park. According to Dr. Carl Baugh, the archeologist who coordinated the excavations, these strata were laid down during the first few days of Noah's flood when water levels were low enough to allow daily tidal changes to form layers of mud so fleeing creatures could seek higher ground—the upper strata showed no prints.

Obviously the people who lived contemporary with dinosaurs were intelligent, and the footprints indicate that they were quite human, as the large toe on primates is located close to the heel to facilitate clinging to branches.

Have you ever wondered how those giant life forms could have survived in the past? In West Texas, a fossilized flying reptile, known as a pterodactyl, has been found, with a wingspan of 52 feet. There is no way such a creature could have flown with today's atmospheric pressure, which is 14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level. However, it would have had no difficulty with and atmospheric pressure of around 32 pounds per square inch. The firmament above the earth would have greatly increased the atmospheric pressure saturating the blood with oxygen, which the fossil record found to be 30% compared with 20% today.

Dr. Baugh said: "We've been doing extensive research into the ancient atmosphere found in the fossil record. Research indicates that essentially everything was larger in the past. For instance, the club mosses which today reach 16 to 18 inches often approach 200 feet in the fossil record. "The great dinosaurs, with their relatively small lung capacity, reached tremendous stature. Seismosaurus could reach his head almost 70 feet in the air. Something has to explain this anomaly in terms of today's atmosphere. If we had those conditions today, we could run 200 miles without fatigue".

Dr. Hilton Hinderliter of Apollo Campus Pennsylvania. State University, studied the evidence presented at the Glen Rose, who excavations and stated: "I would have to say that the belief in evolution is in a state of terminal illness but its death will only be admitted by a new generation of scientists whose minds have not been prejudiced by the type of education now prevalent in the nation's public schools, an education which starts with the belief that evolution has happened, which interprets all evidence according to that faith and simply discards any evidence which cannot be fitted into the evolutionary framework" (Quoted from "Dinosaurs" by Dr. Carl E. Baugh, 1987. Promise Publishing Co., Orange, CA 92667).

This interesting photograph is of a hammer found in similar strata. It's iron head and wooden handle are solidified in sandstone. Metallurgical studies show that it was constructed of a type of iron that could not have been made under present atmospheric conditions. It is believed that before the flood our atmosphere was compressed to approximately twice its current density, and no ultraviolet radiation.

In June 1934, the Hahn family discovered a rock, sitting loose on a ledge beside a waterfall outside of London, Texas. The site primarily consists of 75-100 million years old cretaceous rock. Noticing this weathered rock had wood protruding from it, they cracked it open, exposing the hammer head. To verify that the hammer was made of metal, they cut into one of the beveled sides with a file. The bright metal in the nick is still there, with no detectable corrosion. The unusual metallurgy is 96% iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur (no carbon). Density tests indicate exceptional casting quality.

The density of the iron in a central, cross-sectional plane shows the interior metal to be very pure, with no bubbles.

Modern industry cannot consistently produce iron castings with this quality, as evidenced by test results that show bubbles and density variations that have caused pump and valve bodies to break. The handle eye is partially coalifed with quartz and calcite crystalline inclusions, oval shaped, and roughly 1" x 1/2".

A Personal Testimony

Several years ago, I heard about human footprints being found alongside dinosaur tracks in a Cretaceous limestone in the vicinity of Glen Rose, Texas. There were newspaper accounts in both the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (June 17, 1982) and The Dallas Morning News. Also, Dallas area television stations Channel 5 and Channel 8 reported on the finds. I did not think much about this at the time but later, because of my extensive reading on the subject of evolution, I was reminded of it. In January, 1995, I made a trip to Glen Rose specifically to visit the Creation Evidences Museum and find out all I could about these footprints.

I discovered that the excavation work there is done for about two weeks in summer each year as the Paluxy River is too high in the other seasons. Also, the landowner allows the digging to proceed for only this limited time.

I visited the area of the river bank and observed for myself the large and clear left-right trails of dinosaur prints . Many are 6-10 inches deep, 2-3 feet across, and show a three-toed foot. I decided to visit the museum and find out all I could about these footprints.

During a long conversation that afternoon at the museum, I learned that human tracks had been uncovered in this area since at least 1910. Geologist Clifford Burdick, Ph.D., verified human tracks here in the 1940's. The work of the individuals connected now with the museum began about 1982. Since then, 57 footprints of man have been found in excavations along the Paluxy River and in at least one other site in the same general area. During my visit, I was shown casts of some of the footprints found previously. One section of rock is displayed which was cut out of the river bed because it contains one of the clearest footprints found to date. A cross-sectioning of one of the best finds is also displayed. Pressure laminations consistent with a human footprint in mud are clearly shown.

During our visit, I was shown casts of some of the footprints found previously. One section of rock is displayed which was cut out of the river bed because it contains one of the clearest footprints found to date. A cross-sectioning of one of the best finds is also displayed. Pressure laminations consistent with a human footprint in mud are clearly shown.

Several highly-qualified scientists had witnessed and testified to the genuineness of the discoveries. Media from around the country publicised at least some of them. Evolutionists, however, rejected the human footprints as Indian carvings, tracks of a sick dolphin, a case of misidentification, or an outright fraud. One gentleman was so threatened by the discoveries that he actually took a hammer, went to the river, and broke up some of the footprints to make them useless for study.

Some of the human footprints have been found right next to those of a dinosaur. One was even found inside the animal track! The relatively soft limestone rock is subject to rapid weathering from exposure. The human tracks are shallow and look like a footprint made in mud or wet cement. Because of this the details of the human prints are lost within days of the time of exposure.

I knew that the human footprints, found side by side with dinosaur tracks, if genuine, destroyed the theory of evolution all by themselves. Still, I wanted to see for myself. See

Along with two of my friends, Ted and Jorge Gomez, I went to Glen Rose to observe and participate in an excavation on June 19, 1995. We helped to remove the exposed rock ledge at the work site. This ledge covered the limestone layer in which the tracks had been previously discovered at other sites along the river. Each portion of the ledge we removed (approximately 50 sf). weighed at least 2000 pounds. The removal of each piece took several men with sledge hammers and three heavy duty jacks hours of heavy work to accomplish. No Indian had ever lifted and then replaced this covering rock to carve anything! A dinosaur track, but no human track, was discovered on our first day.

Jorge and I returned to work on another site on June 29, 1995. This site was about 150 feet down river from our earlier location. Both sites were chosen because previous findings indicated a trail of footprints might extend to them. Dr. Carl Baugh (Ph.D. Anthropology, M. Archeology), was in charge of the excavation. Several of the people there had been working for the entire two week period.

When we arrived Dr. Baugh was beginning to carefully excavate clay from a depression in the target limestone. Several of us worked with hand trowels to remove the 3-4 inches of clay which overlay the fossil layer. This clay had been uncovered when the exposed covering rock had been removed the previous day. It was quite obvious that the clay layer had never been disturbed since its deposition. I worked within 3 feet of Dr. Baugh.

Once he suspected that the depression on which he was working could possibly be a human track, all other activity in the area ceased. Everyone then focused their attention on his work. Dr. Baugh removed the clay with utmost care and no chipping or sculpting occurred. Several of those in attendance testified to this on camera and that the site was previously unexposed or disturbed in any way. The rock ledge and clay had completely covered the depression until we removed them.

The depression in the limestone was clearly made by a large human foot. It was a right foot. The big toe and three rightmost toes made very clear impressions and rock ridges were found between the toe marks. The second toe made a lesser impression which is consistent with the way humans walk. There was a rock bump in front of each of the toes made when they pushed up the mud. The shape fit the arch and also the right side of a foot. The heel was not clear but looked as if the individual had slid in the mud. The depth of the impressions was consistent with the depth of tracks made by someone walking in mud. The toes were round and smooth. Everything was in the proper proportion.

Since I had the largest foot in attendance, size 13, my bare foot was used as a comparison for the extensive video tapes and photographs that documented the excavation. As my foot was both beside the footprint and in it for quite a while, I was able to examine it very closely.

Without any doubt, it was a human footprint.

I testify that everything I witnessed I have reported faithfully and without exaggeration.

M. Coppedge

Plaster casts of similar footprints found in Australia are in the possession of Rex Gilroy, together with many other interesting artifacts. In old river gravels near Bathurst, NSW, huge stone artifacts—clubs, pounders, adzes, chisels, knives and hand axes— all of tremendous weight, lie scattered over a wide area. These weigh anything from 8, 10, 15, to 21 and 25 pounds, implements which only men of tremendous proportions could possibly have made and used. Estimates for the actual size of these men range from 10 to 12 feet tall and over, weighing from 500 to 600 lbs.

A fossicker searching the Winburndale River north of Bathurst discovered a large quartzitised fossil human molar tooth, far too big for any normal modern man. A similar find was made near Dubbo, N.S.W.

Prospectors working in the Bathurst district in the 1930's frequently reported coming across numerous large human footprints fossilised in shoals of red jasper.

Even more impressive were fossil deposits found by naturalist Rex Gilroy around Bathurst. He excavated from a depth of 6 feet (2 m) below the surface a fossil lower back molar tooth measuring 67 min. in length by 50mm. x 42 mm. across the crown. If his measurements are correct, the owner would have been at least 25 ft. tall, weighing well over 1,000 lbs!

At Gympie, Queensland, a farmer, Keith Walker, was ploughing his field when he turned up the large fragment of the back portion of a jaw which still possessed the hollow for a missing lower back molar tooth. This is now in Rex Gilroy's possession. The owner of the tooth would have stood at 10 feet tall.

In the Megalong Valley in the Blue Mountains NSW, a Mr P. Holman found in ironstone protruding from a creek bank the deeply impressed print of a large human-like foot. The print was that of the instep, with all 5 toes clearly shown. This footprint measures 7 inches across the toes. Had the footprint been complete it would have been at least 2 feet (60 cm in length, appropriate to a 12 foot human. However, the largest footprint found on the Blue Mountains must have belonged to a man 20 feet tall!

A set of 3 huge footprints was discovered near Mulgoa, south of Penrith, N.S.W. These prints, each measuring 2 ft long and 7 inches across the toes, are 6 ft. apart, indicating the stride of the 12 ft. giant who left them. These prints were preserved by volcanic lava and ash flows which "occurred millions of years" before man is supposed to have appeared on the Australian continent (if one is to believe the evolutionary theory):

Noel Reeves found monstrous footprints near Kempsey, N.S.W. in sandstone beds on the Upper Macleay River. One print shows a toe 4 inches (10cm) long and the total toe-span is 10 inches (25cm) — suggesting that the owner of the print may have been 17 feet tall.

It is certain the Aborigines were not the first to reach Australia. Anthropologists maintain mainland Aborigines are in fact quite recent arrivals who ate their predecessors who were akin to the New Guinea natives.

Aborigines themselves admit in their ancient folklore that this land was inhabited by several groups of men, as well as giants, before they settled here.

Fossilised human footprints have also been discovered in Sweden, and in Mexico .
Giant skeletons have been discovered throughout the United States. Giants.
Photos of giants from recent times.

fossilised Irish giantAn article from Strand magazine (December,1895) reprinted in "Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland" by W.G. Wood-Martin mentions this fossilized giant discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, Ireland: "Pre-eminent among the most extraordinary articles ever held by a railway company is the fossilized Irish giant, which is at this moment lying at the London and North-Western Railway Company's Broad street goods depot, and a photograph of which is reproduced here. . . This monstrous figure is reputed to have been dug up by a Mr. Dyer whilst prospecting for iron ore in County Antrim. The principal measurements are: entire length, 12ft. 2in.; girth of chest, 6ft. 6in.; and length of arms, 4ft. 6in. There are six toes on the right foot. The gross weight is 2 tons 15cwt.; so that it took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to place this article of lost property in position for the Strand magazine artist. Dyer, after showing the giant in Dublin, came to England with his queer find and exhibited it in Liverpool and Manchester at sixpence, sixpence a head, attracting scientific men as well as gaping sightseers".

47 inch human femur For further information click:-

The Original Sin 1/3
The Original Sin 2/3
The Original Sin 3/3
But the Woman being deceived, was in the Transgression

The seed of the serpent produced Cain. If his daddy was a great big giant of a fellow, what would Cain be like? His daddy. And he went to the land of Nod and took one of his sisters. Only way he could, there were no other females. . .

Cain went to the land of Nod, and produced giants. They were smart educated, intelligent people. Is that right? They were builders, inventors, scientists: Not through the seed of the righteous, but through the seed of the serpent. They were scientists, builders, and great men, educators; the Scripture says so. They worked brass; they worked iron; they worked metals. They invented things. They tempered different metals and built houses.

The Scripture says one of those giants had fourteen inch fingers. Now, your finger is just as long as your closed hand. Open it up; that would be a twenty-eight inch hand.

And they were scoffers at the seed of the woman: Noah, the righteous. Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be when the Son of man is revealed." That's today. And it is so. Genesis 6:1-4, "And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare them children who became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

". . . daughters of man . . ."
signifies the MORTALITY of the serpent seed in contrast to the immortality of the sons of God. Their EARTHLY origin is contrasted with the heavenly origin of the "Sons of God," created in the likeness of Father God by His spoken Word. The "daughters of man" are Cain's race, the earthly, carnal offspring of the Satan-incarnate Serpent, they are hybrid and not a spoken Word of God's creation.

The phrase, "came in unto" refers in this connection only to the male who visits a woman's quaters and describes the immorality of "free love" which has repeated in this day along with miscegenation between the descendants of Cain and the children of Adam as Jesus foretold and lauded as "multiculturalism" (Genesis 30:16; 38:16; Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:26-27).

"Men of renown" speaks of men with an enduring name. Genesis describes these people as great builders and engineers, musicians, inventers, craftsmen, unbelievers and scoffers at the righteous of Adam's race. The same race are renouned in these occupations today. Undaunted by the Flood their descendants declare " . . .let us make us a name . . ." and erect a tower in carnal defiance of the Lord God.

The Hebrew word "Nephilim" is rendered "giants" in our English Bibles, but the form of the word indicates a verbal adjective or noun of passive or neuter signification, from Naphal, "to fall" and means "the fallen ones," that is, the descendents of Cain. Afterwards the term is transferred to their offspring, the only other passage in which it occurs.

In their evil report of the land of Canaan, the ten spies say, "All the people we saw in it were men of great stature. And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, descended from the Nephilim: and we seemed to ourselves as grasshoppers, and so did we to them" (Numbers 13:32-33).

It was doubtless the mention of the great stature of these men, together with the Septuagint rendering that suggested our translation "giants." However the roots of the Greek word, have no reference to great stature and signify "earth-born". The meaning of "giants" in our sense of the term is secondary, arising from the fact that these beings of mixed birth are said to have displayed a monstrous growth and strength of body.

God commanded Moses to exterminate the whole race of these people from the Land of Canaan whom He said would corrupt their morals and pervert their heart to paganism if they intermarried or made agreements with them. Sadly, history, the Bible and telephone directories in every city record how the sons of Israel intermarried with daughters of men until today their identity and their land has been usurped by "men of renown"—clever inventers, actors, musicians, businessmen, singers, writers, traders, bankers and outright liars.

The Lord Jesus said, ". . . the children of this world are in their lineage wiser than the children of Light" (Luke 16:8).

Paul wrote, "Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: for which things' sake the wrath of God comes on the children of disobedience" (Colossians 3:5-6).

Immediately after the commission of the antediluvian sin, God pronounced the doom of the world. And prophecy assures us the present-day great rebellion will call forth the Lord Jesus in flaming Fire to take vengeance. Only those whose Names are written on the Lamb's Book of Life will not be deceived—the Bride of Christ manifesting the sons of God, and the 144,000 elect Israelites who are Israelites of the flesh and of the faith.

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