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Thank you for your post. It is certainly a great encouragement to know there are 'eyes' out in cyberspace seeking the Absolute of faith.

God's law of reproduction states that every seed bring forth of its own kind and that there is no change in specie (or evolution). God instructed Adam and Eve to multiply and fill the earth. But before Adam even knew how to procreate, Eve had committed adultery with the serpent, whose offspring, Cain, is not in the genealogy of the human race (i.e. the Book of Life); not in the genealogy of God either (i.e. the Lamb's Book of Life Revelation 3:14). Jesus Christ is the last Adam; He is not the last Cain.

AW: I've heard this before.

God's law of reproduction is Genesis 1:11. Every life brings forth of its own kind. If it produces a hybrid, it is death and can never breed itself back to original life because it is not a continuation of God's creative Word (John 6:63). The most famous hybrid is the mule, a cross between two of God's creations—the donkey and the horse. All hybrids are sterile or if they are fertile they cannot breed themselves back to God's original seed Word.

Now, God's Word is Spirit and it is Life. 'Creation' is the manifestation of the Spoken Word. All species are God's expressed thoughts and therefore cannot change, and there can be no evolution. Cross-breeding is adding to or taking from His Word and the result is death—a mongrel, or what Jews call a mamser or bastard God did not create (Joshua 1:7; Revelation 22:17-19).

Now the second birth comes not through sex, but through faith in God's Word for the hour in which we live. We must recognize our day and its Message day. When we can see that part of the Word manifesting in us, we know we are written epistles of the present Truth and it is no longer us, but Christ (the anointed Word for the hour) living through us.

If we add to, take from, or impersonate the Word for a day gone by, there is no way we can be born-again. It is no longer Spirit and Life when we add to or take from God's Word, but a creed or man-made tradition, dogma and death. All it can produce is a denominational hybrid: a spiritual bastard—spiritual Serpent's seed as Cain and his offspring are natural Serpent's seed. Now Adam was a spoken Word of God, and the beginning of the old creation. You will learn from the files "In the Beginning" and "As it was in the Days of Noah," how God formed Adam (who was the beginning of the old creation) before He formed the lower creations. Some hundred years after Adam's manifestation, and after the finish of His creation, God put Adam to sleep and took from his side a rib from which He fashioned woman who is not original creation but a by-product.

The first Adam had within him the whole human race (including Eve) just as the first lemon tree had within it every lemon fruit that ever was or will be. Adam was therefore the Book of Life. This Book is the genealogy of Adam's fallen race. And Jesus Christ is the last Adam and Kinsman Redeemer who died to redeem Adam and all of his seed.

The last Adam had His Bride within Him when He was crucified. He is the Lamb's Book of Life which holds the Names of His spiritual offspring. No name can be added to or taken from that Book. All of our members were accounted in Him on Calvary and when God justified and raised up Jesus on the third day, we were justified and raised in Him for we are Attributes of the Logos and are even now seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Romans 4:25; II Corinthians 5; Ephesians 2; Colossians 3:3, etc).

Every one in Adam's race is born 'saved' from mother's womb because in God's great thinking Christ paid redemption's price before there was a world (John 1:29; Romans 6; I John 2:2; Revelation 13:8). Whether they retain their name on the Book of Life and salvation after they pass the age of accountability depends upon what they do with the revealed Word when it is presented to them. Of course, most of Adam's race will make the wrong decision, resulting in the removal of their name from the record of life. Then they are as lost as those of Cain's race whose names were never written in the Book.

The Lamb's Book of Life is a portion (or chapter) of the Book of Life, God's foreknowledge of those who would go from justification and sanctification to the baptism of the Holy Ghost which is the new birth—it's the record of the elect of God in Christ. Their names can never be removed, and together with Jesus they will judge the world at the White Throne Judgment after the general resurrection, and grant the 'saved' of Adam's race whose names remained in the Book of Life in to eternal Life (I Corinthians 6:2).

Now Cain was never in Adam. Nowhere is he in the genealogy of the human race (i.e. the Book of Life). Neither is he in the genealogy of God (the Lamb's Book of Life). He is vicariously "begotten of that wicked one" by agency of the Serpent (I John 3:12). We learn from Genesis 4 and 5 that Eve conceived three sons from only two acts of carnal knowledge with her husband. Eve had already been beguiled (or seduced) by the serpent in chapter 3, so one of those sons was definitely not a son of Adam.

Chapter 4 testifies to what happened. Eve, who was seduced by the Devil-incarnate Serpent—a handsome giant man-like creature, actually believed she was bearing Jesus Christ ("the beginning of the creation of God"—Revelation 3:14). And she would have too, had she waited for her husband to receive the Word, then brought it to birth.

God changed every bone in the Serpent's body and placed him on his belly. We know him today as the snake. But it wasn't always so.

AW: However the Bibles I have (NIV, & AV) don't seem to bear this out.

Best to put modern versions on the shelf; they can be helpful sometimes in understanding some old phrase, but whichever version you read you will have to go original tongues for a serious study. Some of the newer translations omit whole verses as their objective is to reveal God by the 'letter' rather than by the 'Spirit' . . . by 'intellectual learning' rather than 'faith' or a clear revelation of the Word, which is 'the mind of God' in you.

I've ministered in seventeen countries and I have yet to find a minister who is also a Message believer, whatever his mother tongue, who does not study the KJV in English. This is not to suggest there are not mistranslations in the KJV. Indeed its Old Testament is the fraudulent Masoretic text written by Edomite Jews between the fifth and tenth century AD.

So you see Cain and his descendants are not God's creation. Not on the Book of Life, and therefore without redemption. As Jesus Christ was the last Adam and not the last Cain, whose race has no Kinsman Redeemer.

AW: I was told that the Serpent-Eve offspring are the Jews.

Generally speaking, the answer to this is 'no.' But it is important that we understand just whom the 'Jews' are, and who they are not. Jew is a term first applied to the Judeans or residents of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar when he took captives from the Southern Kingdom regardless of their race or religion.

King Sennacherib of Assyria carried away the Northern Kingdom 200 years earlier. They are commonly known as the 'lost Ten Tribes'; they still reside in the ancient Muslim lands of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian Empires, and many would be Muslims. Isaiah tells Israel's two witnesses will gather Israel primarily from the Middle East and North Africa, not from London, New York or Europe. Most 'Jews' are Gentiles impersonating the Hebrews. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Jewish Encyclopaedias and the most eminent Hebrew scholars and historians, some 95%+ of Jewry are wholly unrelated to Abraham, Isaac and/or Jacob by blood. And by no means do they have the faith of Abraham, following as they do the Talmud and not the Law and the prophets.

Now if you read their history you will know that through intermarriage, many of these are Serpent's seed. Whenever a son or daughter of Adam has a child by Cain's race, that child and its offspring forever are serpent seed.

AW: and that the descendents of Adam are the Aryans.

Certainly Aryan's are descendants of Adam but so are the coloured people. Colour of skin is a function of historic dwelling-place. Although it may be a guide, it is not necessarily a pointer to race.

AW: The Negros, Asians have been around for ages before Adam and their purpose is to serve the Aryans. Do you have any comments on this?

Yes, it is unscriptural nonsense like the Talmudic myths about Jewish supremacy.

Intermarriage between the people of Seth and Cain would ultimately hybrid Adam's race and those offspring would not be on the Book of Life. This hybridizing so grieved the Lord, He destroyed the world by the Flood. But we know from Scripture the Serpent seed was also in the Ark and Jesus prophesied hybridizing between the descendants of Cain with Adam's race would repeat right at the end of the Gentile dispensation.

AW: I've been told that the flood was not worldwide, but only in a certain region and the Bible has been mistranslated in that where it says "face of the earth," it should read "race of the land." Any comments?

I was told that once by the senior deacon of a church I was working out of, and I took the long way of researching various books—not to settle my mind, but to disprove what he had said. I spent several weeks reading.

II Peter 3:5-6 instructs us the 'earth' (or land) was above the waters and the 'world' (or civilization) was submerged under water and perished. Also see Genesis 6:12, 17 and Job 22:15-17 where God said 'all' flesh and every land animal or 'thing that breathes under heaven shall die'.

It is really a worthwhile study, for there is an abundance of information that records the world-wide flood.

AW: Basically I believe you can have respect for other people's existence as human beings, but this doesn't mean you have to have a multicultural/multiracial society.

This is absolutely correct. Interbreeding with the physical Serpent seed is genocide to Adam's race, as receiving denominational teaching against the faith is spiritual Serpent's seed and spiritual death.

Racial mixing is accursed of God; specifically interbreeding with Serpent's seed. This was the result of the original sin. This so grieved God that He sent a flood which destroyed all of the land-animals not in the Ark.

God is a separator. His people are a separated people (Deuteronomy 32:8). Read Genesis 10 and 11, this describes the separation of the sons of Shem, Japheth and Ham. After the Flood they intermingled again and God separated them at the Tower of Babel.

God made promise to Abraham which He fulfilled through Moses and Joshua. He led the children of Israel to the Promised Land which was populated by the Serpent's seed. He instructed them to kill utterly all the Serpent's seed in the Land. They did not, and being deceived, made a deal with them. When the people of Judah returned from the captivity in Babylon, it was found that many of them had taken Serpent seed women to wife and we read in Ezra how they were commanded to put away those wives and their children.

Indeed, we are to have respect for every creature. But those of us who are Christians are separated from denomi-nations spiritually, as natural Israel was separated from the nations physically.

Our forefathers knew that never in the history of the world have the races intermixed (except through lust at the time of the Flood), or through conquest. God destroyed all life on earth by the Flood because of multi-racialism. Jesus said this great evil would repeat at the close of history. And we see Australia leading the world in ignorance, our treasonous politicians are trying to buy favour with the haters of God and of Christianity who are setting up the New World Order. Peter said that because of this abomination God will once again destroy all life on earth; this time by fire (II Peter 3:6-10).

AW: Sorry to bother you with all this . . . I'm sure you're very busy.

Yes, I am very busy, but as a minister I am busy on the Work of the Lord and that includes responding to your letter. My business is helping you.

I trust this letter has been profitable for you. It is later than most of us dare think. Download faithnow.htm it's a worthwhile slideshow which illustrates the PRESENT Truth. And if you'd like some fellowship on the Word, come along to church some time.

AW: . . . Few sinners are saved after the first 20 minutes of a sermon.

As you will have recognized from your Bible following what I had written in a previous letter, they were saved from the foundation of the world . . . if they are saved. What they do with the sermons they hear will determine whether they stay 'saved'. bb951123.htm

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