Index to TRUTH Behind the Gulf War Syndrome

Gulf War Syndrome, Biological Warfare Conducted on US Military Members,
and Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population Gulf Wars
I and II, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in Houston, Texas on Jan 15, 1996

Transcript by Leading Edge Research Group,
P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washington 98597
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With Editorial Commentary by Val Valerian.
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The Problem
A Letter
1970 Vaccine "Safety" Tests at the University of Maryland
1970 Appropriation of Money to Create Human Immune Deficiency Virus
What the Government and Media Say About Gulf War Syndrome
What Was Really Behind the Gulf War: Malthusian Population Reduction
50% of Gulf War Veterans Are No Longer in the Service - More Than 10,000 Are Dead
Clinton-appointed Chairman of Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense Lie in 1994 About Presence of Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Gulf
Active Duty Military Intimidated Into Silence
Mycoplasma Incognitas
US Government Refuses to Dispense Known Treatment to Affected People
Symptoms of the Syndrome
Deformed Children Caused by US Corporate Genocide
The Reigle Reports and Congressional Knowledge About the Problem Covered Up
Proof of Chemical Weapon Use from the Schwartzkoff NBC Log
International Media Comes to the US to Investigate
US Companies Sold Iraq New Genocidal Anthrax Toxin
Veteran Medical Files Destroyed or Missing
Gulf War Participants Force-Injected With Experimental Vaccines
The Soviet Doctrine: The Biological Cocktail
Media Projects Responsibility on Iraq for US Crimes
Were the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave Deaths Really Something Else?
US Ships Enough Biological Agents To Iraq to Kill the Entire Planet
The Post Gulf-War Emergence of Flesh-Eating Bacteria
The Attempt to Bring George Bush to a War Crimes Tribunal Thwarted by US "Justice" Department in 1993
Emergence of Post-Gulf War Biological Problems Coincides With Massive National Injection Programs
US Troops Inoculated Before Going to Bosnia Are Coming Down With the Same Symptoms
US Troops Inoculated Before Going to Somalia Are Coming Down With the Same Symptoms
Bush and Clinton "Justice Departments" Refuse to Prosecute Bioweapon Supply Companies Under the Trading With the Enemy Act
Media Mistakenly Releases Truth About Doxycycline Then Issues Cover-up Stories
The Convention on Biological Diversity: Nature Worship A State Religion
Sexually Transmitted Cancer
Product Ingredient Technology and Dr. Barbouti
The Bush Administration Response to Discovery
What the British Press Knew in 1991 That Americans Did Not
The Federal Lawsuit Against the Perpetrators
The Clinton Cover-up and the Psychotropic Drugging of Poisoned Veterans

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Additional Papers

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Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War
Marin Depleted Uranium Resolution heats up - GI's will come Home to a Slow Death
World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, Germany, October 16-19, 2004
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