Please join me as we examine the evidence together. How God used a sinner saved by grace, a prophet for our day, to convey a Message in order to achieve His eternal purpose for you and for me.

In this presentation we neither add to nor take from God’s unchanging Word but celebrate the Gospel promises that have been fulfilled in our day. Some of these may be unfamiliar to you unless you have diligently searched the Scriptures to understand and confirm the present Truth, for we must “walk in the Light God is revealing now” or we will find ourselves impersonating God’s Word for a day gone by (II Peter 1:12; I John 1:7). If your heart’s desire is to be one with the Word as Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, you will redeem the time that remains and the Lord will enlighten your soul. So let the compass of Christ the Word temper and direct your zeal, for your heart is deceitful above all things and easily persuaded by the enthusiasm of your human spirit from what the Holy Spirit is trying to show you. Make the revealed Word of God your Absolute—not human memory, affection, reasoning, conscience or imagination. Faith is God’s mind in you, and it will agree with His unchanging Word from Genesis to Revelation.